notch for distributors

Automated ordering & AR processing.

Supplying restaurants is fast and efficient. Just like your business.


Eliminate paper invoices. Increase cash flow.

Online orders & automated accounts receivable processing for the win.

1. Order Taking

Ditch the texts, the calls and the messages. Take all your orders from one centralized app.

Streamlined ordering

Streamline your orders through the easy-to-use app and website. No more random texts or calls for orders. Accept, process and ship orders effortlessly.

Digital catalog

Catalogs make your products discoverable and available to your current and new customers. New products and pricing are easy to update at a click of a button.

2. Accounts Receivable Processing

Automate the invoicing and collections, so you can receive faster payments and increase your cashflow.

No manual entry

Say goodbye to paper invoices. No more time consuming and error-prone data entry. No more lost invoices. No more reconciliation. All invoices integrated with your order system. Fast. Efficient. Accurate.

Immediate payments

Auto-send online invoices. Accept payments online immediately through EFT or credit card. Even offer auto-billing. Turn collections from weeks to seconds. Imagine the impact to your cashflow.

Connected Systems

Connect your orders to your existing accounting and ERP systems including QuickBooks, Sage and SAP. No more manual entry. Smooth. Seamless.

Features List
Centralized order desk
Auto invoice
Digital catalog
Auto billing
Online chat
EFT & credit card payments
Web and app interface
Accounting integration (QuickBooks, Sage)
Order & invoice connection
ERP integration (SAP)
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Saving distributors 3 people working 6 days a week...

See how The Butcher Shoppe, a premier distributor handling 800 orders a day, saved thousands of dollars by using notch for ordering and AR processing & payments.

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